Cochin to Honolulu

Air Asia’s route planners are being very generous to the cash-strapped, budget travellers, by constantly expanding their horizons to the Western Hemisphere.
With the new route to the Hawaii, USA, one can now sense the Polynesian culture, the Banzai pipeline, blended with American culture.
You can get Air Asia flights from Cochin to Honolulu.

Extreme Journeys – By Mode of Transport

A wish list of those extreme journeys, I would like to embark on with those different mode of transport


The entire stretch of Himalayas – the epicenter of some of the world’s greatest civilizations, taking it slowly, absorbing all the seasons, in search of inner soul and peace

Inspired by : Levison Wood, Walking the Himalayas


Across Palk Strait, the English Channel equivalent, between India and the island of Sri Lanka, it is a chain of low islands and reef shoals (quote from wikipedia). But heavily deterred by the presence of sharks though, else for sure would have swam the seas  😀

Inspired By Mihir Sen


Definitely my least preferred mode of transport, so a smaller 874 km route traversing the United Kingdom’s End-to-End (Land’s End to John O’Groats) would suffice my appetite

Inspired By : None


Vespa-ing around Tuscany

Inspired By : Some rich travel blogger who bragged his scooter escapade round the Mediterranean


Two contenders :

  • Che Guevara’s Motorcycle Route across South America
  • Route 66


Three items :

  • Central America on a modest sedan (not those blaring 4 wheelies that could invite unnecessary attention at border crossings)
  • The California Coast
  • South Island – New Zealand


The Australian Outback

Coast to Coast Canada


Along the Orient Express route (London to Istanbul)

Himsagar Express – traveling the heart of India

Aboard of Trans-Siberian pit stopping at the vast emptiness of Mongolia


No cruise. Aboard some trans Pacific cargo line, (HongKong to Los Angeles), turning my watch back, while crossing the International Date Line

Inspired By: Michael Palin’s Round the World

Other : Mutiple Means

The classic overland, the one Hippie Trail. originating somewhere in West Europe, terminating on the sands of Goa, India

Other: Camel Caravan

Across the greatest Sahara, from the medinas of Morocco to the banks of Nile

Inspired by : Arabian folklores,  Tintin in the Cigars of Pharaoh, Paulo’s Alchemist