The Ultimate Indian Bucket List

This list can be used as a reference for all

  • those who wish to realize (explore) India in depth, or
  • those first timers who face the herculean task of deciding their destinations within India.

The list would definitely help you understand the must-experience things that are unique to India, and realize India with all their senses!


  • From a house boat, drink salty Kashmiri tea, watching Srinagar’s reflections on the Dal Lake, and shop those fresh flowers from those shikaras 
  • Ski down the powdery snow of Gulmarg slopes

Kashmir, Landscape, Scenic, Sky, Clouds

  • Camp and trout fish at the streams of Sonamarg meadow


  • Star gaze from Changthang National park
  • Full throttle a Indian made Maruti Gypsy, on the high altitude Moreh plains, on the Leh-Manali highway and camp by the Pangong Lake


  • Smoke wild amidst the pines of old Manali and hit a trance fest in the upper reaches
  • Realize zen tranquil in Dharamshala, and feel Dalai Lama’s omni presence
  • Sing hymns at the Golden temple, Amritsar, before heading to the WagahAmritsar, India, Temple, City, People
  • International border at dusk, to witness the India Pakistan rivalry at its peak, during the flag down ceremony
  • Eat to heart’s content from a dhaba beside the Punjab highway
  • Collect the holy waters from Gomukh, Gangotri
  • Trek up the Valley of Flowers meadow
  • Do the Ganges trail.. Devprayag and downstream.. refuging at ashrams dotting the pilgrim towns, seeking nirvana
  • Inflict a ‘Delhi belly’, while appreciating authentic North Indian street food
  • Jog the Raj path, while trying to catch glimpse of the President of India’s convoy/motorade in New Delhi
  • Smell the smoke pumped out by the colonial steam engines at the Rewari Steam Loco Shed
  • Aboard the Maharaja luxury train
  • Strike a pose with the Taj, Agra while gobbling Agra peda
  • Sip slow the Bhang Lassi into the late night, and wake up to watch sunrise and the ghats of Varanasi from the boat
  • India, Varinasi, Ganges, Boats
  • Seek some enlightment under the bodhi trees of Bodhgaya
  • Cross the Howrah bridge on the yellow ambassador cab, gobbling rasa gullas
  • Spot the royal tigers deep in the Sunderbans
  • Spot Mt Kanchenjunga from the Darjeeling toy train, as surpass India’s highest railway station (Ghum), and end the journey amidst the tea estates, sipping Darjeeling tea
  • Darjeeling, Himalayan, Railway, Toy
  • Wind up beyond the alpine lakes to the Nathu La (old caravan route towards Lhasa), and wave at the Chinese guards across the border, returning to Gangtok, sighting rare orchids and do the rhododendron trek
  • Spot a rhino baby at the Kaziranga
  • Awe at the living root bridges in Meghalaya
  • Meditate at the Tawang monastery
  • Savour exotic bamboo dishes inside Arunachal’s traditional bamboo house
  • Spot the World War II remnants, while traversing along the Stillwell road, into Burma’s Lanke of No Return
  • Witness the Hornbill festival in Nagaland
  • Get wet on still waters of Floating Lake, Manipur
  • Watch the Cheraw dance (bamboo pole dance) and eat pork Bai
  • Awe at the Royal Ujjayanta palace at dusk
  • Aboard the train from Silchar to Guwahati through Lumding
  • Spot the turtles in Puri beach
  • Check the sun dial at Konark Sun temple
  • Step into the bylanes around Char Minar, Hyderabad and gastro delight with liberal amounts of Hyderabadi biriyani and red hot Andhra pickles
  • Savour “metre long dosa”, coconut chutney and South Indian filter coffee from the Coffee houses in Chennai
  • Step into the complex of Shore temples in Mahabalipuram
  • Refuge in a villa  in the French quarters of French Pondicherry
  • Spot the train chugging over the Pamban sea-bridge,  and proceed further towards Ram Sethu point, that extends further towards Sri Lanka
  • Stare into the Indian ocean from the southern most tip of mainland India, Kanniyakumari
  • Ascent the Nilgiri mountains, on the Blue Mountain Heritage Train, and seek the colonial remnants in Ooty, enjoying spicy masala tea
  • Trek the rolling hills of Kerala, searching for spice estates and gardens
  • Moor a house boat, at the tropical backwaters and canals of Aleppey, with fresh fish, spices and sweet toddy liquor
  • Water, Boats, Trees, Coconuts, Kerala
  • Explore the Jewish quarters of Fort Cochin, and see the Dutch and Portuguese culture influenced sea side town, shopping and trading spices
  • Relax into the rejuvenating Ayurveda spas  offered by the state sponsored Ayurveda centres of Kerala
  • Awe at the sleek glass buildings of IT firms, the flower market in KR Market, and the thriving pub scenes in Bangalore
  • Hike the Western Ghats from the rain town of Agumbe and further
  • Enjoy the Kodava hockey festival, and a pleasant homestay at Coorg
  • Trek the innumerable waterfalls spread across the Western Ghats, that swell up from June to August, from the Jog Falls (highest plunge waterfalls in India), the Doodsagar, Athirapally, to name a few
  • Hit the hippy trail, the beach side, party state of Goa, with its Portuguese influences, coconut, liberal liquor, and a thriving backpacker community
  • Goa, Summer, Vacation, Nature, Ocean
  • Soak yourself in the mist of Doodhsagar waterfalls, by alighting at the nearby puny railway station and watch the trains getting dwarfed under the misty sprays of the waterfall
  • Take a Konkan route from Goa to Mumbai, pit stopping at various moss-grown hill forts, and keep searching for the world’s best mango (Alphonso) at Ratnagiri
  • Get lost in time, immersing in the ancient city of Hampi
  • Lotus Mahal, Hampi, Unesco Site
  • Go wine tasting in Nashik
  • Feed the pigeons at the Gateway of India
  • Gateway Of India, Mumbai, Gate
  • Enjoy the night at Marine Drive, and its street side stalls, watching the skyline of Mumbai reflecting in the Arabian Sea, and going for an evening Bollywood movie
  • Take the crowded Mumbai suburban train, and end the trip with some spiced vada pav
  • India, Mumbai, Bombay, Train, Crowds
  • Visit Gandhi’s ashram
  • Head off into the great salt flats of Kutch, in Gujarat
  • Visit one among the several lake palaces and hill forts in Rajasthan
  • Visit the blue city of Jodhpur, before heading into the sand dunes of Thar Desert, to witness the sunset atop a camel, wearing the colorful Rajasthani attire
  • Jodhpur, Blue City, Rajasthan, India
  • Pay attention to the erotic sculptures of Khajuraho
  • Listen to Hindustani music at Gwalior
  • Safari the deep impenetrable forests of Central India, spotting the elusive tiger
  • Scuba dive into the corals of Lakshadweep, and savor the island’s coconut intense cuisine
  • Beach, India, Lakshadweep, Sunset
  • Distantly view the Barren Island, the active volcano island
  • Reflect upon the dreaded lives of those ones who served in the Cellular jail, Port Blair
  • Havelock, Andaman, Island, Beach, India
  • Traverse the entire length of Andaman Grand Trunk road, and soak the island life


Must Things to do anywhere in India

  • Find bliss in an ashram
  • Stretch and relax at a Yoga center
  • Rejuvenate at an Ayurvedic spa
  • Take cricket lessons from kids at the Indian streets
  • Watch the Indian cricket team play a match
  • Spread colors of Holi
  • Get water sprayed by elephants
  • Enter a cinema house with masala popcorn and delve into a Bollywood movie

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