AirAsia to start direct flight from Kerala to Thailand

With Thai AirAsia beginning direct flights from Cochin to Bangkok, the gap between the spice coast of Kerala and the amazing land of Thailand will be narrow down. Until now, travel for people from Kerala to Thailand had to hop either in the island country of Sri Lanka, or go through the layover in Kuala Lumpur.

Thanks to some brilliant ‘thinking’ by the AirAsia route logistics, this flight will sure help bring Kerala and Thailand close together. It would also provide the global backpackers based in Thailand to branch onwards the spice garden of India. And, the exponentially growing travel community of Kerala to explore Thailand in depth rather than barely scratching the cities of Bangkok and Pattaya, and even hop further into Cambodia, Laos and on.


The inaugural flight will take off from May 16, 2016. The flight will depart Don Muang airport (DMK), Bangkok at 21:55 hours, arriving Cochin the next day at 00:45 hours, and the return flight departing COK at 01:30 hours and arriving at Bangkok at 06:55am, each taking around 4 hours.

Direct flight with convenient timings, thank you AirAsia, for bridging Thailand and Kerala.

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