About Us

We (Lemmu and Gogu) are a married, working couple, with a beautiful kid, based out of Kerala, India.
Our goal is to “set foot on” all the countries (well, UN recognized ones) of the world.
We wish to take each country slow, soak the atmosphere, the tastes, the smell, the culture, the uniqueness
Currently, we have “set foot on” 4 countries..still toddlers, not a proud number to flaunt.
But what excites us is we have 190-something countries waiting for us to ‘set foot on’ and explore.. YAY!

The page also contains travel journals of the countries we “set foot on”, budget travel, travel hacks, travel tips and some “inspirers” that might make you want to visit those countries!

So much history has been created when people “set foot on”
Christopher Columbus
Captain Cook
Vasco da Gama
Join us.. as we are progressing our quest to “step foot on” and hopefully create history
And pssst.. our secret goal is to “Set foot on” the MOON 🙂 Hence the name of the web page!
Fingers crossed..travel technology grows faster to carry us there, before old age catches us.

No, we were not born with silver spoons.. hence, we are also working out ways into “financial independence”, that would fund our travels, and help quit the “9 to 5” desk jobs and go “step foot on” all countries of the world!
Here is also, your opportunity to give some “free advice”, that would help achieve our goal of “setting foot on” all countries and achieve financial independence.
Twocents, fivecents, whatever be it.. please ramble on our Advice page