Story behind the name ‘SetFootOn’

‘To keep it simple’ is probably the most difficult job..

It took us three years to come up with a simple, catchy name for our web page (Ye.. we know, still, this name isn’t that great, but then, we couldn’t come up with anything great!)

Lemmu totally liked the ‘lifeinmiles’, but the domain had already been taken 😦

Other names that we gave a miss were

  • jauntsetter
  • lifeinmiles
  • nextplacetogo
  • daystotravel
  • ndaystotravel
  • goingmiles
  • legsonfeet (this one was born one sleepless night.. hehe)
  • aparadisewalk
  • travelkadha
  • travelwithlemmu
  • travelwithshutter
  • golemmu

By now, you might understand why we suck at this job of giving a name!  😀

But hey well wisher!! We are always open to your suggestion.. Any catchy name that conveys our goal, our quest to SetFootOn all the countries in the world.. and we would take that.. Please pour your suggestions into the ‘Advice’ box that we keep 🙂


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